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Save $10 on Gen1 Apple Airpods - quantity is limited

An excellent entry level computer: 2009 MacBook, 2.13 GHz Intel Core 2, new hard drive, new battery only $329!

Pre-owned Gen1 iPad Air, with Smart Case orignally $479 - it’s yours for $289!

ALL of our pre-owned computers come with a 30 day warranty

 Safeware for your iPhone or iPad:   breaks .... spills ...  $50  for12 months  coverage  - 3 years for only $130!  Best of all NO DEDUCTIBLES!

iPhone Cases
Save on ANY  iPhone case in stock - includes LifeProof cases
$5 off

iPad Cases
Save on any iPad case or cover in stock
$10 off

Want more? Come back, we'll be posting iPad, cases, smart covers and more!  Every used product has a 30 day warranty.