Shop Local First

Shopping local first is important for a vibrant community - something we all want for ourselves and family members.

Shopping with your friends and neighbors helps them invest in our community.  They hire here, pay taxes here, and shop here.

We proudly support local bookstores like Everybody Reads, Curious, Schulers, over Amazon.   We advertise with your local papers radio and TV stations using local creatives to develop our ads; we contribute to local school fund raisers;  participate in local events; support various community fund raisers.   Does your big box or Internet seller do ANY of this?

Capitol Macintosh is locally owned and operated.

Because we aren’t part of a giant corporation, we have better flexibility to meet your needs.

When you spend your money at a locally owned business, every dollar you spend stays in our community.

Learn more about keeping your capital local at Capital Area Local First