Proactive monitoring

Fixed before you are interrupted.


We've installed Health Check on over 500 computers. 500 computers that are now being checked for warning signs before they become a problem to you:  failing hard drive, malware, bad battery ..... over 76 different tests!

If you'd like a copy of your computers' report drop me an email or call:  517-351-9339 and I'll send it to you.

The overwhelming issuer eported is that we (that includes me) don't back up very often.  Whether that's intentional or not I don't know but the worst news affecting customers is a hard drive that's dead and data unrecoverable or very expensive ($900+).  Make backing up a regular routine!  For me I've a reminder that pops-up every week.  If you care about your data or you're making frequent changes to files/photos ... make it a habit to back up!  For even more backup protection consider a service like Backblaze - your data stored offsite - protected from fire, flood or theft.  It's inexpensive and highly recommended.


Say Goodbye to Malware!

Malware, malware, malware with every link you click the potential for trouble exists:  Mackeeper, Shoopy, Advanced Mac cleaner, Megabackup, Zip Cloud …

I WANT IT!  How do I get it? For individuals bring your computer in and we’ll install CapMac Health Care and Malwarebytes, it's a same day installation and it's FREE for individuals.  If you want our proactive service we charge $55/year per computer - we then monitor your report EVERY day and will contact you if any issue arises:  Malware, RAMfailure, hard drive issues, backup problems ... over 76 checks are run on your computer.

  For the business customer, give us a call or drop Dave an email, and we’ll schedule a time to install CapMac Health Care - your first 30 days are free, if you stay with the program we’ll bill you, at an annual rate after the free trial period.

None of the so called "cleaner" programs do you any good and in most cases get in the way of your Macs performance.  How do they get on your computer? We don’t know the definitive answer - you may have asked to have Mackeeper installed under the impression that it does help.  In most instances though they enter your world via some pop up from the Internet such as “Your Flash Player is out of date - click here to update now”.  It looks real but you’ve no way to tell - so DON’T click on it.

Though these pests are good for our business they’re bad for you.  That's why we rolled out CapMac Health Care.  It's software installed on your computer that alerts us if you have Malware (or any of 70+ other problems).  At the same time we’ll install a program, Malwarebytes, that will clean up any nefarious programs that might have been installed.  Cost to do this?  The install is free, and only $5/month to have us alert you if there's an issue found.    For business customers there’s a $20 monthly minimum for up to 4 computers and $5.00/month for each additional computer.

Our Health Care program also checks the following:

    •    Hard Drive Space
    •    Hard Drive Errors
    •    RAM issues
    •    Time Machine failures
    •    Missing Hardware
    •    Failing Batteries
    •    RAID issues
    •    and a whole lot more

To date, the software runs more than 75 checks on your Mac.  Find out before it’s too late that your hard drive is failing, you need more RAM or you haven’t backed up to Time Machine in awhile.


Privacy & other fine print
    •    CapMac Health Care does NOT have access to personal information such as files stored on your computer’s hard drive(s).
    •    CapMac Health Care operates 24/7/365 – alerts will be sent to Capitol Macintosh 24/7/365 but will only be acted upon during normal business hours.
    •    CapMac Health Care offers no guarantees as to anticipation of or limiting liability of computer downtime. CapMac Health Care should be considered an extra tool in the IT toolbox to assist the client and Capitol Macintosh at providing improved, proactive service and response.