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Fast Mac Repair Service

Need your computer back fast? Our typical repair turnaround time is 3 days or less, with some repairs, depending when you bring it in, being same day.   No appointment is necessary, just stop in, we’ll gather some information, drop off your computer and most likely have it back in your hands, repaired, within 3 days.

We’re easy to find:  next to the Speedway gas station right on Michigan Ave and within seconds of the #1 CATA stop 1738.  If you’re driving there’s free parking in front of the store or in the lot behind.

We are an Authorized Apple Service Provider and Apple Reseller.  You can purchase new Apple products here (click here for phones or watches) and have your Mac serviced with  official Apple parts.   We are a professionals - not nerds, geeks or geniuses - and have won many awards from Apple for the excellent service provided to our customers.  Our technicians are certified by Apple yearly on every Mac product.

Capitol Mac:  professional, easy, fast and … we’re locally owned supporting our community.

Desktop and Laptop Repair

In-shop repair for desktops and laptops: $95.00 per hour, plus parts
Onsite service: $145.00 per hour.

We are authorized by Apple for in warranty and out of warranty repairs - so you get official Apple provided parts for your device.

Routine Maintenance

Get a tune-up for your Mac!  Let us work out the kinks and get your machine running more efficiently:  only $95.  Ask about our CapMac Health Care - we'll install it for FREE and you can say "Goodbye Malware".  Our proactive care - only $55/year - means we'll contact you if an issue is found and get it resolved.

Data Backup Service

Unlike iCloud back up ALL your data - easy, fast and best of all:  cheap:   $5.00 per month!  Compare Backblaze to what you're currently using.


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Quickly resolving Macintosh issues to get you productive

No appointment needed, fast turn-around, onsite service and shipping arrangements make us the best place in Mid-Michigan to have your Apple device serviced.


Warranty Repairs

We are authorized by Apple to fix your Apple products in or out of warranty.  In warranty defective computers are fixed at no charge.

iPhone and iPad Broken Screens.

We are able to service iPads and iPhones; though the most common issue we see are broken screens - which we have to send in to Apple for service.  Consider an insurance plan, affordable and NO DEDUCTIBLE.


Slow Computer?

Many customers machines don’t work like they used to.  As Macs get used they just slow down. This is one of the most common complaints we resolve. Learn more about speeding up your computer or bring your computer in for us to diagnose it.  A tune up, more RAM, solid state drive ... you'll be impressed what a couple hundred dollars investment will do for your Mac!


Today’s criminals are using increasingly sophisticated techniques to compromise your machine.  These can result in stolen passwords (like bank credentials),  identity theft,  to slowing down your machine.  If you suspect your machine has been compromised bring it in right away to have us remove these "bad guys".   Our proactive care - only $55/year - means we'll contact you if an issue is found and get resolved.

Who we are

In business since 2006, Capitol Macintosh is a locally owned Apple Authorized Reseller and Apple Authorized Service Provider.  That means we sell all Apple computers and service any Mac in or out of warranty. No appointment is necessary for repairs and our turn around time is fast - usually within 3 business days.  Capitol Macintosh is rated in the top 2 percent of all 2,500 North American Apple Service Providers!


Call us with your questions, anytime: 800-562-0192.