iOS Tip 141 - Take Photos While Shooting Video

A small but so very handy feature in iOS ...

This is easy when you know how. It's also another case of being vaguely aware of a feature but only really finding it by accident. Go shoot some video and look at the controls on your screen. Or just take a look at this screen grab from our adventures in filmmaking this weekend.

Underneath the familiar red video button on the right hand side, there is a white button in a white circle. It's at bottom when you hold your iPhone horizontally like a professional and/or normal person, and it's bottom left when you shoot with your phone pointing upwards.

Tap that white button and you take a photo. It's as simple as that: tap it as often as you like and your iPhone will take a still photo even as it continues to shoot video. It is handy and we've used it a lot but it is not your iPhone using the camera lens for two purposes at once. It's really your iPhone saving a frame of the video.

In many ways this doesn't make a difference: it's a good photo taken during the videoing. However, video shoots at a different frame size, the physical size of the image is smaller. Compare these two shots: on the left, a view snapped during filming and one the right, the same view on the iPhone's regular Photo setting.

So there's a difference and it may even be enough to stop you using this feature. Yet as a way of getting reference stills during your filming, and as a way of getting a great photo from exactly the same vantage point as your video camera, it's handy.

iOS Tip 137 - Rotate or Flip Video on iOS

You can rotate any movie on your iOS device 90 degrees, 180 degrees, 270 degrees, or if you feel like going back to the default view you can rotate the video 360 degrees as well. This isn’t particularly obvious, but it’s easy, so here’s how to do it:

1 Open iMovie on the iPhone or iPad
2 Choose the video you want to rotate from the video selection list, then tap on the ‘Share’ / action button, it looks like a box with an arrow flying out the top of it
3 Choose “Create Movie”
4 Place two fingers about an inch apart on the video in iMovie, and rotate them like you’re turning a dial to the direction you want to flip or rotate the video to, a little white rotate image will appear on the display
5 When the video has been rotated to the orientation you’d like to keep, tap on the “Done” button in the upper left corner
6 Now tap the Sharing button again
7 This time choose “Save Video” (optionally, you can share it on Facebook, YouTube, iCloud, etc, but we’re saving the rotated video here)
8 Select the video resolution you’d like to export the movie as: 360p, 540p, 720p, or 1080p
9 When finished, iMovie will alert you the video has been saved to your Photos (NOT Videos) Library, so you can open the Photo app to look at your rotated video

iOS Tip 119 - Undo Slow Motion Video

Capturing a slow motion video with the iPhone camera is great, and it’s a wonderful effect for many events and scenes you’re recording, unless of course you didn’t mean to record the video in slow motion in the first place. Additionally, sometimes you may have changed your mind after recording a slow motion video and want to change the movie back to regular speed. Whatever the case, converting anything captured in slow motion back to a regular speed video on the iPhone is quite easy.

This works with all slow motion recorded video regardless of the capture speed. Once you have converted the video, if you share the newly regular speed movie it can not be made into a slow motion video again unless the original file is modified.

Using the same adjustment tool to change the portion of video that is maintained in slow motion you can also remove the slow motion effects, effectively converting a video back to regular speed:

Open the Photos app and locate and tap on the slow motion video you want to convert to regular speed

Tap on the “Edit” button

Use the two little sliders in the slow motion timeline to shrink the slow motion portion of the timeline until they join into one, eliminating all slow motion from the video

Tap on “Done” to save the changes and convert the video to regular speed

Now that the video is saved at regular speed you can share it, upload it to social media, or just keep it on your iPhone as a normal speed movie.

There are other ways of converting slow motion video as well, including using iMovie and uploading to various services, but using the built-in Photos app movie adjustment tool is by far the simplest way and it requires no additional apps or downloads. This does require a modern version of iOS however, and earlier versions of iPhone and iPad without the proper camera support won’t have the feature as part of iOS at all.

iOS Tip 107 - Enable 4K Video

The iPhone 4K video recording feature is turned off by default because of the significant storage requirements that are necessary to capture and record 4K video. To turn it on:

You’ll need a new iPhone with 4K video support to have this feature available, which is the 6S or better:
1 Open the Settings app and go to “Photos & Camera”
2 Scroll down to “Camera” and tap on “Record Video”
3 Select “4K at 30 fps” to enable 4K video recording with the iPhone camera
4 Exit out of Settings

iPad Tip 52 - Add Quick Photos and Videos to Messages

Messages has been able to handle images and videos since the days of iPhone OS 3, but it took Apple until iOS 8 to get it right. Tap the camera icon and you’ll instantly get access to your entire photo library without needing to leave the composing window. You’ll also have the option to take and add a new photo or video to the message you’re composing.

iPad Tip 33 - Home Sharing

Turn on Home Sharing in iTunes (Advanced menu) on your computer and on your iPad (Settings > Music/Video and enter your Apple ID). Next, launch the Music or Video app on your iPad. In the Music App, tap the "More" button at the bottom, find the little house with "Shared" next to it. Tap on that and then on one of the Shared Libraries. It might take a few seconds to update, but then you can listen to all of that Library's media on your iPad. For video, tap the Shared tab at the top of the screen. Enjoy!