iPad Tip 32 - Create Folders

This one is pretty basic: to create a folder all you need to do is tap and hold on an App until they all start to jiggle, then drag the app over another icon and release.
Your iPad will create a folder with both the Apps in it. The folder will be named according to the category of the Apps it contains, but you can rename it as you like. How many Apps can you have in a folder and how many folders can you have? Read it here - http://tinyurl.com/pttk6fs

iPad Tip 17 - Better Zooming

The Zoom accessibility option that's in the iPhone OS is even more helpful on the iPad than
on a smaller device because of the additional screen territory. You can turn this on from Settings
| Accessibility | Zoom by flipping Zoom to On.

The Zoom screen explains the three options: double tap with three fingers to zoom in; drag
with three fingers for panning around the screen; and use three fingers to double tap without
releasing, and then drag up or down to zoom in or out.

iPad Tip 14: Easy Apostrophe

Easy Apostrophe

I use apostrophe's all the time; see I just used one. But this is a key that's not visible on the
integrated virtual keyboard so it's a huge hassle typing them.

Press and hold the comma key. A pop-up variation appears with an apostrophe, and it even
appears highlighted, which means you don't have to move your finger to select it. Simply tap,
hold for a moment, then release to create the apostrophe.

iPad Tip 13 - Lock Rotate

Lock Rotate

This may not qualify as much of a secret, since Apple promotes the feature, but in my early
experience, it's terrifically useful. Flick the switch above the volume controls to lock screen
rotation. The iPad is quite sensitive to orientation, and rotates its screen with little provocation.
Locking rotation means sticking with the view you're in, even as you shift position, or place the
iPad flat on a surface.

iPad Tip 7 - Preview Mail

By default, iPad's email app is configured to show only 2 lines, probably a hold-over from
iPhone, but impractically small for iPad.
Go to Settings | Mail, Contacts and Calendars and select "5 lines" under Preview. Also, while
you're at it, you might want to update your Push email from "Manual" if you like to have your
messages waiting when you open the Mail app. Note - push features tend to drain battery power
a bit more quickly.

iPad Tip 1: Soft Reset

This is a really handy tip - performing a soft reset - i.e., a reboot.This will be extremely useful
in those rare cases when your iPad freezes or you’re struggling with a new iOS update.
Hold the top (power) and bottom front (home) button for about five seconds and your iPad
will restart. Similarly, to force-quit any application, hold the home button by itself for a few