iOS Tip 110 - Free Up Space on your iPad/iPhone

Quickly delete multiple images in Messages to free up space without losing yourconversations:

When you send pictures, videos, audio messages and other attachmentsin Messages on iPhone and iPad, it stays on the device by default taking up memory. For a lot of people, Messages is the second biggest app on their device in terms of storage, with Photos often being the biggest, because of the fact that the photos they share from Photos actually gets stored twice on the device: withinPhotos and withinMessages. In thisarticle, I’m going to discuss how to delete multiple images in Messages very quickly. Before you do this make sure any content you want is backed up!

First open up the Message app, and select the conversation that has the pictures that you want to delete and get rid of.

Then you are going to press on Details in blue in the upper right hand corner. Scroll down until you see the Attachments.

Then you are going to tap and hold on one of the images until you see Copy, Delete and More appear.

Tap on More and select all of the images you want to delete.

Then you are going to press on the blue trashcan in the lower right hand corner to delete them. To confirm you want to delete them, you are going to press the red words Delete Attachments.

This is how you delete multiple images very quickly and easily in iOS 9, allowing you to get storage space back on your device and without losing the rest of your conversation. If you don't care about the conversation you can delete it which will erase all the attached photos, videos, etc.