iOS Tip 177 - See every photo and video you've sent

Do you ever look back over the photos and videos you've texted someone? We all have. After all, no one takes more meaningful pictures about your life than you. Or, maybe you'd love to look through the collection of photos that someone has texted you.
You may not realize there's a really simple way to take a look back at all the photos and videos you've sent someone. It's like a scrolling timeline that'll make you laugh and bring a tear to your eyes.
Here's how: From Messages, open the message thread with that person >> press the Details (small “i”) icon in the upper-right corner of the screen. From there you can view all the photo attachments sent to and from that person.

iPad Tip 52 - Add Quick Photos and Videos to Messages

Messages has been able to handle images and videos since the days of iPhone OS 3, but it took Apple until iOS 8 to get it right. Tap the camera icon and you’ll instantly get access to your entire photo library without needing to leave the composing window. You’ll also have the option to take and add a new photo or video to the message you’re composing.