iOS Tip 164 Quickly Open New Safari Tab

The latest versions of Safari for iPhone have an even faster way to open a new Safari tab, without having to enter into the broader tab view window. It’s a great trick, but it’s a little hidden and less than obvious, but nonetheless offers the quickest way possible to open a new browser tab in Safari for iOS.
1 Open Safari in iOS if you haven’t done so already
2 Tap and hold on the two overlapping square icons in the iOS Safari navigation bar (lower right corner)

Simple, fast, and easy. Even if the feature is a little hidden behind a long tap and hold, it’s still easy to remember once you get the swing of things.
Note this feature is primarily aimed at iPhone (and iPod touch users), as it’s less important on an iPad, since the iPad version of Safari in iOS always has the new tab “+” plus button in the navigation bar.
You can open as many new tabs as you want in the latest versions of Safari for iOS.