iOS Tip 166 - Copy Phone Numbers

Copy Phone Numbers from Incoming Calls

Need to copy the phone number from an incoming call that’s not associated with one of your contacts? In the Phone app’s Recents screen, you can’t select the number to copy it, but here’s a hidden workaround:

Tap the i-phone-app-inline button next to the call, and then press and hold the number for a second or two until a Copy button appears. (It’s not a 3D Touch press, just a normal press without removing your finger right away.)

Tap Copy and you can then paste that phone number into Mail, Messages, Notes, or any other app.

To paste, tap where you want the number to go and tap the Paste button that appears.

iPad Tip 22 - File Sharing

Desktop to iPad File Sharing

If you're wondering where Pages, Numbers and other Apps that save files store and manage the synching, look closely at the iTunes Apps tab (on your computer) when you plug in your iPad. Scroll down and
you'll see the File Sharing. Check out the apps that utilize fie sharing and the actual documents. When you're ready to sync your files, use the Add.. button to add your files and work with
them on the go.