iOS Tip 151 - Drift Off to Music or Lectures

iBooks in iOS has a built-in sleep timer that can automatically pause playback after a specified amount of time, which is great for listening to an audiobook as you go to sleep (tap the Moon button below the volume slider). What if you prefer listening to content that’s not in iBooks, like music or a college lecture? To set a sleep timer that works for Music, iTunes U, or any other app that plays audio, open the Clock app and tap the Timer button. Next, tap When Timer Ends (iPhone) or the selected sound (iPad), scroll to the end of the list of sounds, and select Stop Playing. When you’re ready to listen as you drift off to sleep, start the timer just before or right after you press Play in your audio app.

Make Your Own Mix Tape!

If you'd like to send your friends and family your custom Apple Music playlists, it's really easy to do. It's sort of like creating a mixtape for them! Now that a ton of people have signed up for the service's free trial, it's also the perfect time to share playlists—everyone using Apple Music can listen to the music you choose. We're all about sending digital mixtapes to each other in today's
On the iPad you can just pick the“Playlists” tab without going to“My Music” first.

See that small “New” button I’ve indicated in my screenshot above? That’s where you’ll start a fresh playlist for your recipient if you’d like to. You can give it a custom title and image, add a description, and so on. Personalize the heck out of it!

After you add all of the songs you want, touch “Done.” Then you can share that playlist (or any of your other existing ones) by tapping on the ellipsis icon next to it.

Your recipient will get a link through whatever service you chose.

iOS Tip 84 - Stop The Music!

Stop The Music With A Timer

Do you like to listen to music when getting into bed for the night but often doze off without switching the iPhone off? You can use a timer to help you shut down the music. To do this, tap on Clock > Timer > When Timer Ends. Scroll down and tap Stop Playing. Then, set a timer (say 30 mins) and tap Start. Now you may play any music and it will be turned off after 30 minutes.

iPad Tip 33 - Home Sharing

Turn on Home Sharing in iTunes (Advanced menu) on your computer and on your iPad (Settings > Music/Video and enter your Apple ID). Next, launch the Music or Video app on your iPad. In the Music App, tap the "More" button at the bottom, find the little house with "Shared" next to it. Tap on that and then on one of the Shared Libraries. It might take a few seconds to update, but then you can listen to all of that Library's media on your iPad. For video, tap the Shared tab at the top of the screen. Enjoy!