iOS Tip 158 - Amazing Messages!

Did you know you can hand write messages and notes in Messages for iOS 10 on your iPhone? With this feature you can scribble out a little note or sketch a simple drawing and send it along to any recipient.

1. Open the Messages app and then go into any message thread, or send a new message

2. Tap into the text entry box, then rotate the iPhone into the horizontal position

3. Write your handwritten message or note, then tap on “Done” to insert it into the conversation

4. Tap on Send as usual to send the handwritten message to the recipient

If you rotate the iPhone and don’t see the handwriting option automatically, you will need to keep the iPhone in the sideways position and then tap on the little squiggle button, it’s in the corner of the keyboard and kind of looks like a cursive ‘o’ or a tailed loop of some sort.

You’ll also want to make sure that orientation lock is not toggled on and preventing rotation.

iOS Tip 152 - Share Audio Messages

The visual voicemail area of the Phone app now has a share button! You can send the audio of the message to a ton of apps—Email, Notes, Messages or Facebook Messenger (to send to others!), Voice Memos (to edit), even biz apps like Basecamp and Slack. Or shoot it to Dropbox to save in the cloud and on your desktop as an .m4a (MPEG 4) audio file—we call that a "forever blackmail." It's also a quick way to make voice memos to yourself when you can't access your phone; simply transfer your own message to other apps.

Open Voicemail on your iPhone, tap on the caller, tap on the Share icon, then tap to Share on the App of your choice.

iOS Tip 146 - Hide Contact Images in Messages

On the iPhone 6/6 Plus and 6s/6s Plus, with iOS 9, the Messages app—the one you use not only for sending SMS/MMs texts, but also iMessage messages—got a new feature. Pics from your iPhone Contacts list show up next to the person who sent the message. Very nice—unless you hate it. iOS 9.1 added an option in Settings > Messages to turn off Show Contact Photos.

Not seeing that option? Check Setting > Display & Brightness > View and if set to Zoomed toggle to Standard.