iOS Tip 76: Hide Your Photos

iOS 8 lets you hide photos from your camera roll. You can hide photos by opening a photo in the camera roll and pushing your finger down on it.
You will notice pop-up options that says “Copy” or “Hide.” When you tap on Hide, a message appears that says:”This photo will be hidden from Moments, Collections and Years but still visible in Albums.” Those photos will be hiddenunless you go to the “Camera Roll” or “My Photo Stream” folder under “Albums” in the Photos app.
If you want to unhide the photo from your camera roll, open it from the album that it is in and push your finger down on it until an “Unhide” option appears. Tap on “Unhide” and it will appear in the “Photos” streamagain.

iPhone Tip 62 - Hide Unused Apps

Over time we all download and install lots of Apps, and of course Apple pre-loaded some. You can delete ones you've downloaded but what about those pre-installed Apple Apps you NEVER use. Well you can't delete them, but you can put them in a folder and move it to your last page. To create a folder hold down on an App you don't want to see and wait until they all start to jiggle, then drag it on top of another useless App. Tap on the "X" Cancel and rename the folder. While every App is still jiggling, hold the newly created folder and slide it to the page you want. All done? Tap the home button.

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