iOS Tip 139 - Find Photos by Location

1 Summon Siri as usual by holding down the Home button or with Hey Siri
2 Say a phrase like “Show photos from (location)”
Siri will automatically launch the Photos app and sort pictures based on the location parameter you provided.
In the example shown in the screenshots, “Show me photos from East Lansing” displays a handful of images taken near that location.
In order to search your image collection with Siri like this, you’ll need iOS 9 or later on any device that supports the hardware, and you’ll need to have geolocation of your images enabled with a library of geotagged pictures. If you disabled GPS geotagging data within the iPhone Camera app then you won’t find this feature to be particularly useful unless you save other images to your device that are geotagged.

Siri isn’t the only way to search an image library by location on the iPhone and iPad however, and you can show pictures by location through the Photos app manually from the Albums view.

iOS Tip 101 - Siri Find Photo

Siri, gains two new superpowers in iOS 9: it can understand requests to display photosand videos based on time and location: "Siri find September 19th photos" and it can set contextual reminders. For instance, if you come across one of our #iOS tips while you’re supposed to be working, you can say, “Remind me about this tonight.” You can also ask Siri to remind you of something once you get in the car.

iOS Tip 72 - Last Location

Last location
iOS 8 will automatically send the last known location of a device to Apple when your battery is low. You can turn this feature off if you think it erodes your privacy, though it's meant to help you find lost devices and is not enabled by default. You’ll find it in Settings>iCloud>Find My iPhone (must be on)> Send Last Location in the Advanced section at the bottom of the list. This means if you drop your device in a local park, you’ve got a chance of finding it - even if it does run out of power.