iOS Tip 109 - Limit Ad Tracking

Limit advertisers tracking your location, data
Safari had a mini-makeover in recent versions of iOS, and now offers even more privacy-related tweaks. One of the more recent settings is blocking ad cookies and trackers.
This one is a little tricky to find (as it's not in the Safari settings). Head to Settings > Privacy > Advertising and enable the Limit Ad Tracking option. From here, make sure you hit the Reset Advertising Identifier option, and then accept any prompts.

iPad Tip 38 - Clear Safari Browsing History

Need to cover your tracks online? You can delete your Safari browser history in a flash. Just open the Settings app, then tap Safari and tap on Clear History. Note you can also wipe your Cookies and clear your Cache here too. There's also a Private Browsing mode you can turn on, so your history won't be tracked. Turn this on in from Safari, tap the History icon, then tap Private.