iOS Tip 143 - Initiate Calls From Your Calendar

Let’s say you’re setting up a lunch with a contractor, and you want to make it easy to call them when your iPhone alerts you to the meeting. Or perhaps you want to embed conference call details into an event. A little-known fact about the Calendar app is that you can enter phone numbers into the Location field, and when you’re viewing the event later, you can tap the number to dial it directly (if you need a real location in the Location field, use the Notes field for the phone number instead). To add a meeting code to a conference call number, append a semicolon, the meeting code, and the pound symbol—after the iPhone dials the phone number, you can press a button to dial the code at the right moment. The entire thing would look like 518-555-0101;123456#. For a more automated, but potentially error-prone approach, replace the semicolon with one or more commas, each of which causes the iPhone to pause for 2 seconds before dialing the rest of the numbers.

iOS Tip 70 - Siri speakerphone calls

You can now make speakerphone calls using Siri in iOS 8.3. Use Siri as you normally would to call a contact, but add "using speakerphone" after the comment. For example, you can easily call a contact by saying the following phrase to Siri:
"Call Capitol Macintosh using speakerphone"

When you do this, Siri will initiate a call per normal; however, the call will be placed on speakerphone, allowing you to be completely hands-free with the conversation. Pair this with the "Hello Siri" command to wake Siri when your iPhone is plugged in, and you can start a phone call on speaker without ever needing to touch your phone.

iPad Tip 68 - Tell Me Who Siri

Siri will read your incoming notifications for you as they come in, tell you who is calling, read you new texts or let you know if an important email is received. Useful in private, you access this in Settings>General>Accessiblity>Voice Over (but don’t toggle Voice Over to on) and then toggle “Always Speak Notifications” to on. Be sure to turn it off when in public.