iOS Tip 126 - Battery Hogs

If your iPhone/iPad battery seems to run down frequently, go to Settings > General > Background App Refresh and check what's running in the background.

Without a doubt the biggest battery hog. Not only does it tear through the battery when it's actively being used, but it's also a huge hog when it's in the background too.
I'm not a particularly heavy Facebook users so I can't imagine how bad it must be for people who are on Facebook a lot.
My advice is to either close the app when it's not in use, or prevent it from working in the background (Settings > General > Background App Refresh). Alternatively, you could access Facebook via a browser.


Apple has done a good job of optimizing the code in its apps. Google, on the other hand, has a long way to go. Chrome is a solid browser, but it uses many times more power than the built-in browser. Yes, you read that right. We're not talking about a small difference here. If you want the best battery life, use Safari.

Here's another app that not only rips through battery life while you're using it, but it's also continually polling for new tweets when in the background. The more people you follow, the harder the app works and the more it hits the battery.
My advice is to either close the app when it's not in use, or prevent it from working in the background
(Settings > General > Background App Refresh).

Another example of being hit with a penalty for using a third-party app over the stock app. But since the Google Maps app offers a great deal more functionality compared to Apple's Maps app, it's not surprising that it's such a battery hog. After all, there's no such thing as a free lunch.

Here's another app that not only burns through battery life during use - it's the heaviest app of its kind - but it also continues to hammer at the battery when it's in the background.
You could disable the app in the background, but then you're only going to be available when the app is in the foreground. Alternatively, if you could try to convince your family/friends/colleagues to use iMessage and FaceTime instead.

• Stock apps are the better choice if you want to get the most from your battery.
• Social media apps are hard on the battery
• Certain apps running in the background can be a real drain on the battery, so consider shutting off their access using the Background App Refresh setting.
• To find out how your apps are behaving, keep an eye on the battery usage information (Settings > Battery).

iOS Tip 105 - Prevent Apps from Uploading your Data

Your contacts, email, calendar, and your photos are some of your most personal data. When an app wants your data, either for processing or uploading, it will tell you the first time.
You can change each app's access by going to Settings > Privacy and select each app, like Contacts, and swipe on or off which third-party apps you want to grant access to.
If you have already granted an app access to your data, switching off the service on your device does not mean that service will delete your data. You will have to contact that company or app maker for this.

iPhone Tip 62 - Hide Unused Apps

Over time we all download and install lots of Apps, and of course Apple pre-loaded some. You can delete ones you've downloaded but what about those pre-installed Apple Apps you NEVER use. Well you can't delete them, but you can put them in a folder and move it to your last page. To create a folder hold down on an App you don't want to see and wait until they all start to jiggle, then drag it on top of another useless App. Tap on the "X" Cancel and rename the folder. While every App is still jiggling, hold the newly created folder and slide it to the page you want. All done? Tap the home button.

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