iOS Tip 124 - App Recovery

How to recover any app (even ones removed from the App Store)

Removing an app from your iOS device deletes the app from your iPhone or iPad but it remains in your Purchased List.

This is incredibly handy, because it enables you to re-download the app at any later point. You can even re-download apps that have been removed from sale on the App Store. Once you've purchased an app from the App Store, it's yours for life.

The recent news that EA is removing many of its most popular games from the App Store has shone a light on the ability to re-download apps. It doesn't matter if a publisher removes an app from sale, you can still get a copy you've already purchased from the App Store. This is great news for those who deleted the wonderful Flight Control a while back and feared that EA's decision meant they wouldn't ever be able to play it again.

Here's how to re-download apps from the App Store:

  1. Open the App Store on your iPhone.
  2. Ensure that you're signed in with the same account you used to purchase the app (tap Featured and scroll to the bottom to view which Apple ID you're using).
  3. Tap Updates.
  4. Tap Purchased.
  5. Tap Not On This iPhone.
  6. Tap the Download icon next to the app you want to download to your iOS device.

If you have a lot of apps in the list of purchased apps, use the search box at the top to find the app.