iOS Tip 105 - Prevent Apps from Uploading your Data

Your contacts, email, calendar, and your photos are some of your most personal data. When an app wants your data, either for processing or uploading, it will tell you the first time.
You can change each app's access by going to Settings > Privacy and select each app, like Contacts, and swipe on or off which third-party apps you want to grant access to.
If you have already granted an app access to your data, switching off the service on your device does not mean that service will delete your data. You will have to contact that company or app maker for this.

iOS Tip 81 - Stop Following Me

Apple used to be friends with Google and used its search engine by default. That's not the case anymore—now Apple is "friends" with Microsoft and uses Bing. Both of those search engines like to track your every move - which is why you get those “tailored” ads. If you're into some extra privacy, try the latest option for search in the Safari browser: DuckDuckGo, "the search engine that doesn't track you." Go to Settings > Safari > Search Engine and toggle the browser you prefer.