iOS Tip 190 - Cleaning Your iPhone or iPad

It’s all too easy to get your iPhone or iPad dirty with ink, lotion, makeup, dirt, food, and oil.  If your device needs cleaning resist the urge to spray it with window cleaner, rubbing alcohol, or ammonia, even worse, to scrub it with baking soda or borax. That’s because all iPhones have oleophobic—oil repellent—coatings on their glass surfaces that make it easy to wipe off fingerprints. You don’t want to remove that coating any faster than it will wear off normally.  Cleaning products will strip it quickly. Instead, Apple recommends a soft, lint-free cloth such as you would use for glasses or camera lenses.

By the way, though the iPhone 7 and later have some level of dust and water resistance it’s important to avoid getting moisture in the openings—most of the time, a lens cloth should be all you need. While this does seem like common sense, it’s still good to remember that even though these items are glass, they are still electronic devices, and care should always be taken when cleaning them.