iOS Tip 185 - Bogus "Critical Alert" Message

Microsoft has discovered a scam site tha's targeting both Apple and Microsoft users.

Instead of scary dialog boxes, the site plays an audio message to warn users about a supposed "critical alert from Apple support". The message reads:

"Critical alert from Apple support. Your mac(phone) has alerted us that your system is infected with viruses, spywares, and pornwares. These viruses are sending your credit card details, Facebook logins, and personal emails to hackers remotely. Please call us (number given)  immediately on the toll-free number listed so that our support engineers can walk you through the removal process over the phone. If you close this window before calling us, we will be forced to disable and suspend your Mac device to prevent further damage to our network. Error number 268D3."

This is entirely bogus and you can IGNORE it.  If you can’t get rid of the message turn your phone (or computer) off and restart it.  On your iPhone you can also go to Settings, Safari, “Clear History and Website Data”.