iOS Tip 178 - Prepare for iOS 11

Get ready for the coming iOS 11 'appocalypse'.  The end is near for all 32-bit iOS apps, so if you're still relying on older apps, it's time to find alternatives.

To check for app compatibility use the built-in checker tool (you need to be running iOS 10.3 or later for this to work). Go to Settings > General > About > Applications:

You'll see a list of all the 32-bit apps on your iPhone or iPad that won't run on iOS 11. If you're lucky, you won't have any apps listed, or the apps that are listed will be old stuff that you forgot you had installed and no longer use.

However, if an app that you are relying on is listed, then you need to get ready for its demise.
The first thing to do is check to see if there's an updated app; sometimes developers release a new app rather than update the old app. If getting a replacement is that simple, then you're in luck.
But if there isn't an update, then you need to start preparing now for the app to stop working as soon as you update to iOS 11. You might be able to put off upgrading for a while, but the idea of holding back on an upgrade that will contain security updates for any length of time in untenable.
If the app is a game or something you use for entertainment, then its loss won't be all that critical, but if it's something that you rely on for work, then its demise has the potential to be a significant productivity speed bump.
So here's what you'll need to do:
    •    If the app holds any of you data, you need to look at how to get your data out of the app. This may be easy, or it may be horribly difficult. Hopefully, it's not impossible. If the app stores its data in the cloud using a provider such as Dropbox, then this might make getting your hands on it easier.
    •    You need to find a replacement app. This means firing up the App Store app and spending time doing research.
    •    You may need to get your existing data into the new app. Again, this may be easy, or it may be horribly difficult.
    •    You will need to test to see whether the replacement app.