iOS Tip 173 - Using Emergency Bypass

Do Not Disturb mode is a great feature for iPhone users who like to enjoy some peace and quiet, but since it mutes all sounds, alerts, and notifications on the iPhone it’s possible to miss a truly important call or alert when the feature is enabled. Emergency Bypass allows specified contacts to bypass Do Not Disturb mode and have sounds, alerts, and vibrations from that specified contact get through to the iPhone even if Do Not Disturb is on.

Emergency Bypass is set on a per-contact basis and must be toggled on for each specific contact you want to grant Emergency Bypass abilities to. The feature requiresversion10.0 or later
To Setup Emergency Bypass
    1.    Open the “Contacts” app or the phone app and locate a contact you want to grant Emergency Bypass access to so they can bypass Do Not Disturb Mode
    2.    Tap on “Edit” in the corner
    3.    Tap on “Ringtone” within the contact information
    4.    At the top of the Ringtone section, toggle the switch for “Emergency Bypass”, then tap “Done”
    5.    Repeat with other contacts as desired to grant them Emergency Bypass permission on your iPhone

Don't forget:  this allows specified contacts to have their attempts at reaching you get through even if Do Not Disturb mode is on. This means the iPhone will ring, alert, or vibrate as if the Do Not Disturb feature was not enabled at all.