Beware “iCloud Breach” Phone Scam

There's  a new phone scam targeted at Apple users. The automated message claims to be from “Apple Support Care” and warns that your iCloud account has been breached and that you should stop going online.  It then tells you to press 1 to be connected to Apple Support.

This is just another form of the classic tech support scam, and if you get such a call, hang up immediately.

The best defense against this sort of intrusion is carrier-level call blocking, since then the spam calls never even make it to your iPhone.  AT&T offers the AT&T Call Protect app and service, and T-Mobile offers Scam Block.  Both are reportedly quite good but you must sign up for them manually.

For those on other cellular networks, there are a variety of call-blocking apps that integrate with the call-blocking capabilities of iOS 10 and up. These can identify calls as coming from spammers or even block them right off, based on information from crowd-sourced databases. This approach works better than blocking the numbers manually yourself, since spammers are unlikely to use the same number twice when calling you, but they do reuse numbers across multiple people. So if five or ten people report a particular number as bad and then it’s used to call you, these apps can know to identify or block the call.