Watch the Rio Olympics Live on iPhone or iPad

You can easily watch any of the 2016 Rio Olympic games and competitions live right from your iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch (or Android too, but we’re obviously focusing in iOS), meaning you can watch any game and any country and any sport you want, you don’t have to wait for the evening highlights. You don’t even need a cable TV package, any iOS device will do.

All you need to do to watch live footage of any current Rio Olympic games is to download the NBC Sports app. Anyone can then watch live footage of the 2016 Olympics from within the app, it’s that easy.
• Get the NBC Sports app here from the iOS App Store
Just launch the NBC Sports app, go to the “Live and Upcoming” tab, and browse through the currently active games. Tap on what you want to see live, and away it goes, the live stream of the event will start immediately. It’s that easy.

You’ll also want to login to a local authorized TV or cable provider, which extends the length of time you can watch live coverage for beyond the 30 minutes. Just about every general TV provider in the USA is included, so whether you’re a member of a cable monopoly or a smaller provider it’s likely going to be in the provider list.