iOS Tip 149 - See ALL Your Selfies

See All Selfies Taken with iPhone Camera

Ready to see every selfie taken with the iPhone camera on a device? Here’s all you need to do:

1 Open the Photos app as usual but tap on the “Albums” button
2 From the “Albums” view (tap back to Albums if you’re in Camera Roll), scroll down to find the “Selfies” album, tap on that to show a picture album of every picture taken with a front facing camera that is stored on the iPhone

This album will also include other selfies taken by other iPhone users who have shared the picture with the current iPhone, assuming the picture has been saved locally to the device.
While this is a popular feature for people who take many pictures of themselves and like to share them through iMessage or the various social media channels, it’s also quite popular with parents and educators for other reasons.
The Selfies album isn’t using facial recognition or anything too crazy to recognize people or faces, it simply includes every picture taken with the iPhone front facing camera, thus even if you aren’t taking pictures of yourself with that camera, you’ll find whatever used the front camera to snap the shot. Likewise, if you’re taking group pictures with the Self Timer camera you wouldn’t find these available in the selfies album either (unless they also used the front facing camera and the self timer feature, anyway).
There are other album sorting options in iOS as well, allowing users to see burst shots, panoramas, screenshots, or to show only videos taken with the camera too.