iOS Tip 148: Easy Currency Converter

To convert any currency, open Spotlight from the Home Screen of iOS by pulling down on an icon, then enter the following syntax types, specifying the currency to start with and to convert to:
• 1 USD to EUR
• 1 USD to GBP
• JPY to USD
• IDR to AUD
• NZD to USD
• 500 CAD to USD
• 100 RMB to USD
• 500 EUR to JPY

These are just examples, as any major world currency is supported for conversions in iOS.

You can specify the three letter shorthand for the currency, which is the fastest method, or if you aren’t sure, you can actually type out the entire currency name as well, like so:
• 1 US dollar to Japanese Yen
• 15 Euros to Great British Pound, etc