iOS Tip 147 - Proactive Assistance

In iOS 9 when you swipe right on your first home screen you'll enter the Siri-powered proactive assistant, which offers a series of app, contact, location and news suggestions based on how you use your phone each day.

For example, if you check your email first thing in the morning, it'll offer a shortcut to your favorite email client, and when you go to make your nightly phone call to your mom, her contact info will be front and center.

It might be one of iOS 9's premier features, but if you don't find proactive assistant useful, you can disable it by going to the Spotlight Search settings (in Settings > General) and flipping the Siri Suggestions toggle.

You'll still be able to search by swiping right at the first home screen, but all of the app, contact and news suggestions will be gone, as will the app suggestions that appear below the usual pull-down search.