iOS Tip 144 - Set Up My Info

Setting your personal info, address, and contact information on an iPhone is important if you want to be able to do things like get directions home or to another location from home, appropriate auto-fill details, the ability to easily share your address and contact details with other people, and much more.

Yes, most iPhone users have “My Info” setup properly on their devices, but many others don’t, or you may want to change the info or select a different contact card.

First, Have a Self Identifying “My Info” Contact Card
In order to accurately set “My Info” to your personal name, address, phone number, and other contact info, you’ll need to be sure you have created a contact card identity for yourself. This would be like creating any other contact in the “Contacts” app, and if you haven’t done that yet, here’s how you can make a card for yourself:

1 Open the “Contacts” app, if you see your name and details at the top under “My Card” than you don’t need to create a new contact (though you can tap on it to double-check that your My Card information is accurate), otherwise tap the + plus button in the corner
2 Add your name, address, email, phone number, and other useful information as usual and tap “Done” to complete
You can also edit an existing Contact card for yourself by tapping on your name in Contacts app, then tapping “Edit” and adding in the pertinent details like address for home.

Once you have a self identifying contact card, you can easily set it for the iPhone.
1 Open the “Settings” app on iPhone, then go to “Mail, Contacts, Calendars”
2 Scroll down to the Contacts section, then tap on “My Info”
3 Select your personal contact card that identifies yourself and contains your contact and address information by tapping on it