#iOS Tip 135 - Retrain Siri

How to Improve “Hey Siri” by Training to Recognize Your Voice
This works with any iPhone or iPad (not iWatch) that supports “Hey Siri” mode. For best results, be in a quiet location and speak in your natural voice.
1 Open the “Settings” app and go to “General”, then choose “Siri”
2 Flip the switch for “Allow ‘Hey Siri'” to the OFF position – leave it off for a few seconds
3 Now flip the switch for “Allow Hey Siri” back to the ON position – this will trigger the learning voice recognition procedure again
4 At the ‘Set Up Hey Siri’ screen, choose to “Set Up Now”
5 Go through the voice recognition tests, use the same voice you’d use to attempt to activate Siri in the future
6 When finished, Hey Siri will say it’s ready, so tap on “Done” to reactivate the feature
7 This immediately turns Hey Siri back on again, but now freshly trained to your voice.
8 Now Siri will recognize your voice specifically when “Hey Siri” is attempted to be activated. Go ahead and try it out as usual by summoning thy voice assistant with Hey Siri, followed by a regular Siri command. (click for the Siri command list)

Going through this setup process (or re-training it by running through it yet again) can make a huge difference in how well the feature works, and it should dramatically reduce the accidental incident of enabling Hey Siri