iOS Tip 95 - Setting up your Medical ID

Yes, setting up your Medical ID on the iPhone is extremely simple, but have you done it? It only takes a couple of minutes and could be life saving. To do it, you'll need a device with iOS 8 or higher, and then perform the following steps:
1 Open the Health app
2 Tap the Medical ID tab in the tab bar
3 Tap the Edit button to begin editing your Medical ID card
4 List any pertinent information about yourself, including medical conditions, allergies and reactions, and medications
5 Ensure that "Show When Locked" is enabled (Figure A)
6 Tap Done

Follow these steps to view your Medical ID from the lock screen:

1 Press the Sleep/Wake button
2 Swipe left to right to view the lock screen keypad
3 Tap "Emergency" and then "Medical ID"
This will show your Medical ID just as it's viewed in iOS 8's Health app, complete with one-tap access to emergency contacts, all without having to unlock your device.