No, No, NO Don't Call!

Please help your fellow Mac users and forward this message to anyone you know who has an Apple computer. Every day, a computer comes in that's allegedly has been infected with all kinds of "bad" stuff.

Though your warning may look different than the above image, the modus operandi is exactly the same:

• stubborn pop-ups that make it almost impossible to close the browser

• urgent warning to call a toll-free number

• a screen “showing” all types of “infections” on your computer

Do NOT call the number provided! The very people you're calling (unless you’ve requested help Apple will NEVER call you), and want your money, are the people who caused the problem to begin with.

We’ve written about this issue several times, posted on Facebook, Tweeted, but folks come in every day that did call the number and did pay an exorbitant fee to have the “problem” fixed.

If you see the pop-up message (it takes many different forms) don’t worry your computer has not been infected; your data has NOT been breached. In some cases, you can close the pages normally but other times you can’t. That’s because these crooks use JavaScript code to push a new alert window so quickly after you’ve clicked ‘OK’ that you cannot normally exit by closing the window or tab.

For the people who do give remote control of their computer, the “technician” will run a scan in the Terminal or perhaps show the Console logs and flag anything in there as a virus or severe infection. Typically they also install malware programs causing you further pain. Yes the people you’re calling AND paying money - we’ve heard from $200 to $1000 - are the very crooks causing the problem. Get your money back!

If you need help getting rid of the installed malware - bring the computer to us. It’ll cost less than what the crooks want.

One more thing: many of the program that claim to prevent malware and other issues actually cause them. Currently your Apple does NOT need any third party help. We'll let you know when you should worry.