Make Your Own Mix Tape!

If you'd like to send your friends and family your custom Apple Music playlists, it's really easy to do. It's sort of like creating a mixtape for them! Now that a ton of people have signed up for the service's free trial, it's also the perfect time to share playlists—everyone using Apple Music can listen to the music you choose. We're all about sending digital mixtapes to each other in today's
On the iPad you can just pick the“Playlists” tab without going to“My Music” first.

See that small “New” button I’ve indicated in my screenshot above? That’s where you’ll start a fresh playlist for your recipient if you’d like to. You can give it a custom title and image, add a description, and so on. Personalize the heck out of it!

After you add all of the songs you want, touch “Done.” Then you can share that playlist (or any of your other existing ones) by tapping on the ellipsis icon next to it.

Your recipient will get a link through whatever service you chose.