iOS Tip 69 - The Full Siri Command List

Define relationships for Siri
• “Call me Roy”
• “My wife is ‘Kerry Washington'”
• “My brother is ‘Justin Bieber'”
• “‘Alicia Keys’ is my mom”
• “My boss name is ‘Sean Combs'”
• “My dad is ‘Andrew Bachelor'”

Ask Siri to search Contacts
• “When is my wife’s birthday?”
• “What’s Justin’s address?”
• “What is my father’s phone number?”
• “Who is Sean Combs?”
• “Show Alicia ‘s home email address”
• “Show Justin Bieber”
• “Find people named Kardashian”

Ask Siri to make a Phone Call or FaceTime
• “Call Justin”
• “Call my wife on mobile”
• “Call home”
• “Call my mother on her work phone”
• “Call 703 555 1212”
• “Redial last number”
• “Return missed call”
• “FaceTime Andrew “
• “FaceTime audio Andrew “
• “FaceTime video Andrew “
• “Check my recent calls”
• “Check my voice mail”

Ask Siri to Send Text Messages (SMS)
• “Send a message to my Justin”
• “Send a message to Sean saying ‘Let’s sign the new record deal tonight'”
• “Send a message to Kerry on her mobile saying ‘I am running late'”
• “Text my mom and dad saying ‘Let’s have dinner tomorrow evening'”
• “Text Sharon and Becky saying ‘Where are you?'”
• “Send a message to 301 555 1212”
Ask Siri to Read Text Messages (SMS)
• “Read my new messages”
• “Read it again”

Ask Siri to Reply to Text Messages
• “Reply ‘I love you too'”
• “Reply ‘I will arrive in 10 minutes'”
• “Call him on mobile”

Ask Siri about Voice Mail
• “Do I have new voice mail?”
• “Play my last voice mail”
• “Play voice mail from Kerry”

Ask Siri to make a FaceTime Call
• “FaceTime Andrew “
• “FaceTime audio Andrew “
• “FaceTime video Andrew “
• “Make a FaceTime call to Andrew “

Siri Email Commands
Ask Siri to Send Email Messages
• “New email to Sean Combs”
• “Email Kerry and Lisa and say ‘I am going out of town this weekend'”
• “Email mom about the trip”
• “Mail Justin about the concert tickets”

Ask Siri to Check Email Messages
• “Check email”
• “Read my last email”
• “Do I have any new messages?”
• “Any new email from my boss today?”
• “Show the email from Kerry yesterday”
• “Show new mail about the football game”

Ask Siri to Respond to Email Messages
• “Reply ‘Hey Kerry, let’s watch Scandal tonight”
• “Call him at work”

Ask Siri About Messages
“Read my notifications”
Ask Siri to Locate Friends and Family
• “Where is my wife?”
• “Is my wife at home?”
• “Where is my Justin?”
• “Where are all my friends?”
• “Who is near me?”

Siri Commands for Calendar
• “Schedule a meeting with Sean tomorrow at 1 PM”
• “Schedule a conference call with Justin today at 7 PM”
• “Schedule a meeting about the new acquisition at 1 PM”
• “schedule meeting about renovations at 2PM tomorrow in the conference room
• “Set up a meeting at 10 AM”
• “Set up a meeting with Brian at 11 AM”
• “New appointment with Andrew Tuesday at noon”
• “Meet with Kerry at 6”

Ask Siri to change events
• “Reschedule 7 PM meeting to 9 PM”
• “Reschedule my 10 AM meeting today”
• “Reschedule my appointment with Dr. Manning to next Monday at 9am”
• “Move my 2pm meeting to 3:30 PM”
• “Add Andrew to 3:30 meeting”
• “Add Alicia to meeting with Andrew”
• “Cancel the new acquisition meeting”

Ask Siri about your events
• “What’s on my calendar today?
• “What’s on my calendar tomorrow?
• “What’s on my calendar for Friday?”
• “When is my next meeting”
• “Where is my next meeting?”
• “When is my next appointment?”
• “When am I meeting with Justin?”

Ask Siri to set a Reminder
• “Remind me to check the mailbox”
• “Remember to stop by the bank”

Time based reminders
• “Remind me to call mom at 7 PM”
• “Remind me to walk the dogs at 7am tomorrow”
• “Remind me to leave work at 4 PM”

Location based reminders
• “Remind me to water the flowers when I get home”
• “Remind me to stop by the dry cleaners when I leave work”
• “Remind me to call Kerry when I leave”

Ask Siri to Create and Find Notes
• “Create note: Door pass code is one two three two”
• “Note that I spent $25 on dinner”
• “Create song list note
• “Find my song list note”
• “Add Alicia Keys to my song list note”

Time and Alarm Functions
Ask Siri to set or change Alarms
• “Set an alarm for 7 AM”
• “Wake me up tomorrow at 5 AM”
• “Wake me up on weekdays at 6 AM”
• “Wake me up on weekends at 10 AM”
• “Wake me up in 3 hours”
• “Change my 7 AM alarm to 6:30 AM”
• “Show all alarms”
• “Turn off my 6:30 alarm”
• “Delete my 6:30 alarm”
• “Turn off all alarms”
Ask Siri to check the time
• “What time is it?”
• “What is today’s date?”
• “What time is it in New York?”
• “What time is it in Belgium?”
• “What’s the date this Friday?”
Ask Siri to use a Timer
• “Set the timer for 10 minutes”
• “Show the timer”
• “Reset the timer”
• “Stop the timer”
• “Resume the timer”
• “Change timer”

Ask Siri for Maps and Directions
• “How do I get home?”
• “Directions to home”
• “Directions to my Sean’s home”
• “Take me to my wife”
• “Show my current location”
• “Show me Union Station”
• “Show me directions from Washington DC to Philadelphia Pennsylvania”
Ask Siri about Local Businesses
• “Find pizza near me”
• “Find Starbucks near me”
• “Good Mexican restaurants near me”
• “Find a gas station near me”
• “Show me the closest hospital”
• “Show ATMs near me”
• “Show me the nearest WiFi hotspots”

Siri Commands: How to play Music using Siri
• “Play Jazz music”
• “Play exercise playlist”
• “Play work playlist”
• “Play the album ‘The New Classic'”
• “Play the album ‘The New Classic’ shuffled”
• “Play Alicia Keys”
• “Play ‘Love Never Felt So Good'”
• “Pause music”
• “Stop music”
• “Resume music
• “Skip track”
• “Play previous track”
• “What music is playing?”
• “Play Alicia Keys on iTunes radio”
Ask Siri about the Weather
• “What’s the weather like today?”
• “What’s the temperature outside?”
• “What’s the weather for tomorrow?”
• “What’s the forecast for this weekend?”
• “How’s the weather in Paris right now?”
• “Will it rain in Miami this week?”
• “Check next week’s forecast for New York”
• “What’s the high for Miami on Friday?”
• “When is sunrise in London?”
• “When is sunset in Portland?”
Ask Siri to check Stocks
• “How is the stock market doing today?”
• “What is the Dow at?”
• “Where is the Nasdaq at today?”
• “Show me the stock information for Microsoft”
• “What is Apple’s stock price?”
• “What did Microsoft close at today?”
• “What is Sony’s PE ratio?”
Ask Siri to search the Web
• “Search the web for best Windows tablets”
• “Search for baked chicken recipes”
• “Search the web for best smartphones”
• “Search for news about the November Elections”
• “Search Google for Siri commands”
• “Search Google for top jazz albums”
• “Google upcoming tablets”
• “Search Wikipedia for Steve Jobs”
• “Search Bing for upcoming movies”
• “Bing upcoming smartphones”
• “Search Twitter for “Capitol Macintosh”
• “Search Yahoo for what’s happening in China”
Ask Siri to search the Web for Images
• “Search for images of dogs”
• “Search for images of Washington DC”
• “Search for images of Microsoft Surface”
Ask Siri to Launch an App
• “Play Angry Birds”
• “Open Music”
• “Launch Spotify”
Ask Siri to Change Phone Settings
• “Turn on airplane mode”
• “Turn on Wi-Fi”
• “Turn on Bluetooth”
• “Turn on ‘do not disturb'”
• “Turn on flashlight”
• “Turn up brightness of display”
• “Display privacy settings”
• “Is Bluetooth on?”
• “Open Phone Settings”
Ask Siri to Change App Settings
• “Open music settings”
• “Open mail settings”
• “Open Twitter settings”
Ask Siri to Post to Facebook
• “Post on Facebook ‘On my way to the beach'”
• “Write on my wall ‘Having a great time in Florida’
Ask Siri to Post to Twitter
• “Tweet I love my iPhone 6 plus hashtag iPhonee”
• “Tweet visit “Capitol Macintosh”
• “Post to Twitter ‘Chip Kelly is awesome!'”
• “Tweet ‘Who are you voting for this election’ hashtag politics”
• “Tweet my location ‘Having fun in Miami!'”
• “Search Twitter for best WordPress tips”
• “What’s trending on Twitter”
Ask Siri about Movie Theaters
• “What movies are coming out this weekend?”
• “What movies are playing near me?”
• “Find movie theaters in McLean, VA”
• “Find movie theaters near my office”
• “What are the best movies playing right now?”
• “What R-Rated movies are playing?”
• “What action movies are playing”
Ask Siri about Movies
• “Show me reviews of the movie ‘Edge of Tomorrow'”
• “Show me ratings for ‘Edge of Tomorrow'”
• “Play the trailer for ‘Edge of Tomorrow'”
• “Who directed “Captain America Winter Soldier?”
• “When was the movie ‘Saving Private Ryan’ released?”
• “Who starred in the movie ‘Saving Private Ryan’?”
• “What movie won best picture in 1998?”
• “How many movies has Samuel Jackson been in?”

Ask Siri about Restaurants
• “Show me restaurant information for Cheesecake Factory in Arlington”
• “Show me reviews for Cheesecake Factory in Arlington”
• “I need a reservation tonight at Cheesecake Factory tonight”
• “Show me good seafood restaurants near me”
• “Table for four in Washington DC Friday Night”

Ask Siri about Sports
• “Show me football scores from Sunday”
• “Show me NFL standings”
• “When do the Philadelphia Eagles play next?”
• “Show me the Philadelphia Eagles season schedule”
• “Which NFL team has the most yards?”
• “Show me the roster of the Denver Nuggets”
• “Show me career statistics for Nick Foles”

Math Commands
• “What is 71 x 2?”
• “What is 2 to the 8th power?”
• “What is the square root of 144?”
• “How many ounces in a cup?”
• “How much is $100 in Canadian dollars?”
• “What is the tip on $220?”
Ask a question using Wolfram Alpha
• “What’s the price of gasoline in Washington, DC?”
• “How tall is Justin Beiber?”
• “How many calories in a soda?”
• “How far away is the Moon?”
• “What’s the population of India?”
• “How many days until Thanksgiving?”
• “What are the properties of chartreuse?”
• “What is the nutritional information for a bowl of Cheerios?”
• “Earthquakes, Hawaii, 1985”
• “cumulonimbus cloud”
• “How many degrees are in 3 radians?”
• “What is the wavelength of 500MHz?”
• “What is the molecular structure of corundum?”
• “What notes are in a B minor chord?”
• “What is “No school tomorrow” in Morse Code?”
• “What is the molecular weight of caffeine?”
• Define <insert word>

• Show Accessibility Settings
• Turn on Voice Over
• Turn Off Voice Over

For Fun

• Tell me a joke
• What Flights are above me?