Protection For Your Mac, Phone or iPad

Here are the reasons we LOVE Safeware:  this year (2018) through May customers have saved over $18400 in repairs on damaged computers.  The final repair bill for them:     $0.00!

Last year customer saved over $36,000.   Safeware protection for all your electronics.

Safeware, in business since 1982, covers broken screens, liquid spills and accidental damage - no software issues or cosmetic scratches - pretty much anything that can damage your device.   You invested a lot of money on your (or your kids)  Apple equipment - $1200 ... $1800 or more.  With Safeware:

  • as low as $150 for total - NO DEDUCTIBLE - coverage
  • up to 4 years, that's 48 months,  of coverage on your new Mac  
  • iPad or iPhone only $50 for 12 months with up to 3 years of coverage


•100% Parts and Labor

•Accidental Damage coverage for drops, spills, submersion, and cracked screens

•Mechanical and electrical failure

•Power surges that result in damage to the device

•No deductible

•Fully Transferable

Interested? Call Dave, 517-351-9339 or email for more information