MagSafe Adapters

One of the more common things we see in our store is MagSafe power adapters with damaged wire insulation and/or fraying where the thin cord meets the power brick or where the cord meets the actual MagSafe tip. While many consider this the result of a design flaw (coupled with the fact that Apple does offer free replacement in some situations), the simple fact is that these conditions are completely avoidable.
Most commonly, fraying at the power brick end is the result of wrapping the thin cord too tightly when the adapter isn't in use. Wrap it more loosely, and wrap it such that the cord remains perpendicular to the power brick. This eliminates the strain. The same principle applies for the MagSafe tip end: keep it perpendicular to the computer to eliminate strain, and never pull on the cord to remove the plug from the power port - disconnect it by grabbing the MagSafe tip.
If your computer is still covered by it's one year warranty or an AppleCare plan, and has not been damaged, we can get it replaced for you, at no charge.