iPhone Fun

If you have an iPhone and a library of music that you'd love to hear on your phone, this is for you.
”•Open GarageBand and iTunes
”•In GarageBand, open a new project and delete the default track (it usually opens with a Piano track; get rid of it by selecting “Track” from the Menu Bar and click “Delete Track” )
”•Find the song you want to use in iTunes and drag it into GarageBand
”•In GarageBand, click on the Cycle Region button (it looks like a version of a “recycle” image)
”•Click the Measures button (the musical note to the right of the Cycle Region button), and select Time
”•Edit the song's length (keep it under 40 seconds) to what you want to loop as a ringtone
”•When finished, select “Share” from the Menu Bar and select “Send Ringtone to iTunes” )
”•In iTunes, you will see your new ringtone in the Ringtones section in the left hand column

If you're a Windows user (why) click this link.
Have fun!