Michigan's Apple Service Provider

Quickly providing product information & fixing your system.

We take pride in helping our customers understand available options and recommending the best course of action. This takes away stress and inconvenience of not having your computer.

We are your local Apple service provider.

When you need computing help - whether it be a new device, or quickly fixing a broken one - we know it can be stressful. There are lots of options and you just want something that is going to get you back in action.

You can put your mind at ease about if it is going to get fixed knowing it is in good hands and instead focus on the rest of your life. We like to take care of our customers.

We are skilled professionals certified to fix your Apple products and sell Apple products. We have over 10 years experience focusing exclusively on Apple products.

Threat Protection

We constantly have people coming in with malware and adware.  MacKeeper is getting more and more aggressive giving you “pop-ups” advising you to download their software “to keep your computer safe”. This is a SCAM so don’t do it!  Customers come in that were on the Web searching for support from Hewlett Packard, MicroSoft, Epson, Canon, Apple and found ultimately that they were on a fake site, or the “help” number was that of a scammer.

It’s getting harder and harder to discern legitimate email or websites from the scammers.  Even companies with departments devoted to protecting themselves … Target, Yahoo, MSUFCU, LBWL, Ingham County, to name a few,  have been subject toby attacks or subject to Ransomware.  Most of us aren’t as big of a target as these companies but that doesn’t mean you’re not at risk or that your “stuff” isn’t important to you.   A Ransomware attack can be very expensive - yet the protection ischeap - less than $70 per year.  We have a number of solutions available to protect you, your family, your computer and your data from the the bad guys.  

If you have any concerns when you see something that doesn’t look or feel quite right, please give us a call or stop in so we can make sure it is legitimate.

Shop local first

Capitol Macintosh is locally owned and operated. Being locally owned and operated gives us better flexibility to meet your needs. Additionally, when you spend your money at a locally owned business, every dollar you spend stays in our community.

These dollars help create jobs for neighbors, encourage entrepreneurship, and save tax dollars. We are a proud member of Capital Area Local First which advocates for shopping local.

In addition to supporting local purchasing we also sponsor local organizations like Ignite Lansing and Startup Grind Lansing.

Shopping local first is important for a vibrant community - something we all want for ourselves and family members.

Shopping with your friends and neighbors helps them invest in our community.  They hire here, pay taxes here, and shop here.

We proudly support local bookstores like Everybody Reads, Curious, Schulers, over Amazon.   We advertise with your local papers radio and TV stations using local creatives to develop our ads; we contribute to local school fund raisers;  participate in local events; support various community fund raisers.   Does your big box or Internet seller do ANY of this?

Because we aren’t part of a giant corporation, we have better flexibility to meet your needs.

When you spend your money at a locally owned business, every dollar you spend stays in our community.

Learn more about keeping your capital local at Capital Area Local First

Who we are

In business since 2006, Capitol Macintosh is a locally owned Apple Authorized Reseller and Apple Authorized Service Provider. That means we sell all Apple computers and service any Mac in or out of warranty. No appointment is necessary for repairs and our turn around time is fast - usually within 3 business days. Capitol Macintosh is rated in the top 2 percent of all 2,500 North American Apple Service Providers!

Call us with your questions, anytime: 800-562-0192.

Professional People

Our highly skilled, award-winning team gets your repair done in an industry-leading two to threebusiness days.  Our Apple Authorized technicians are certified by Apple and have been working on and repairing Apple products for over 20 years.


Capitol Macintosh is honored to be among the elite 1% of all Authorized Apple service locations in North America to achieve the distinction of Premium Service Provider, Apple’s highest honor for customer satisfaction - we thank YOU, our customers, for helping achieve this honor.

Apple honors service locations who have achieved a “Customer Satisfaction” score of 98.4% or greater.  Only 1% (of over 2500) locations in North Americahave achieved this lofty goal.  We are extremely proud to be in such elite company and to be so thought of by our customers. 

… and 1 more thing:  for 28 quarters, Capitol Macintosh has been honored with Apple’s Commitment to Excellence award!  This program was later replaced with the Premium Service Provider program which means we’ve now been honored for 28 consecutive quarters - 7 years:  every year since the program started!


Call us with your questions, anytime: 800-562-0192.